The Prithvi Story

The Paras Prithvi Company’s history dates back to the early 1980s, when Mr. Paras Mal Dak and his brothers, Mr. Suresh Kumar Dak and Mr. Samarath Lal Dak, who currently serve as the company’s chairman and board of directors, arrived in Hunsur, Karnataka, with a clear business plan and began operating as general merchants with great tenacity. The business began its professional adventure in this field in 1982 when it officially entered the jewellery industry.

Our organization was born

We started out in the jewellery retail industry. We eventually decided to launch a wholesale jewellery business as a result of the huge success, trust, and confidence we had garnered from our experience in this field, which had turned it into our speciality. Later, the Paras Prithvi Company supplied gold, silver, and diamond jewellery to more than 500 customers in Mysore and the surrounding area. We profited from the market’s indisputable trust, which inspired us to use the tagline “Trust, Triumphed.” We currently go by the triumphant titles of Prithvi Infrastructure and Prithvi Jewels, and we have four showrooms located in Hunsur, Kushalnagar, Periyapatna, and Belthangady

Brand and Product Philosophy

Our sheer belief is in being what we state. Standing by our by-line, ‘Trust, triumphed’, we believe that to gain a foothold in the market, we need to establish relationships of trust and content with our clients and customers. For this, we strive to always meet the expectations of our clients with our attempts to be coordinated with the market trends. Our endeavor is to come up with products that speak for themselves. We interact with our clients through the seven Prithvi Relationship Zones (PRZ) spread over Hunsur and Kushalnagar. Prithvi Relationship Zones are centers that are responsible for managing the relationships between customers and the company. They take care of the connectivity between the two and enroll thousands of customers into Gold advance purchase schemes. The immense success of this maneuver has encouraged the Board to decide to establish more showrooms in the near future; the success is expected to persist.

How far we plan to go

As a result of our splendid success and the appreciation that we received, we have decided to open Prithvi showrooms in Madikeri, Chikkamangaluru, Mysore and I, II and III tier cities of India. As an All-India plan, we have decided to spread out in the cosmopolitan cities with the establishment of our Diamond house called ‘VAJRAM’. We aim to bring to you a sumptuous collection of diamond jewellery and anticipate VAJRAM to have a skyrocketed future.

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